Web Development

FUSE builds interactive website, corporate websites, and web plugins for startups, brands, and advertising campaigns.

Our choice of Content Management System is WordPress, and WooCommerce for eCommerce solution.

We classify website development into front-end (visible part of the website) and back-end (the unseen engine behind the website).


For front-end development, we mainly use:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript, jQuery


For back-end development, we mainly use:

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • NodeJS
  • Mongodb


Every website needs a place to live, so we can help to secure hosting space depending on your website requirement.

We are familiar with the following cloud hosting environment:

Digital Ocean

Amazon Web Services


Auditing & Optimisation

Speed and optimisation is at the heart of everything that we do. And this is especially important for websites.

FUSE optimises all the website that we build and deliver to you. We used several optimisation and speed testing tool in order to test and find out the section of the website that needs the most optimising.


Usually applies to WordPress websites as the nature is to use multiple plugins that may be vulnerable to malware and security breaches.

FUSE takes security seriously and put in place safeguards and set up recovery steps that can be activated in the case of a website breach.

Having a recovery plan is crucial to retain the important data, and restore the website to normal, reducing site downtime in the event of a malicious attack.

Support & Maintenance

FUSE can provide technical support and maintenance of website which includes:

  • Updating and patching of website code, plugins, server software.
  • Retrieving specific data in the absence of admin portal.
  • Restoring website with a recovery plan.
  • Cleaning up outdated data, and optimising database.
  • Monitoring of  server resources and providing advice to upgrade, downgrade server resources.