About Us

FUSE specialises in digital development which includes websites, mobile applications, standalone application that utilise technology like Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Real time 3D animation.

We are FUSE, and we believe in:


We’ll be upfront about cost, timings, and our abilities. We only focuses on our strength, and we’ll let you know if we are not familiar with certain technologies, or if we don’t provide the services that you asked for. If we made a mistake, we’ll own up and shoulder the responsibilities.


We’re small, and nimble. Which means we can adapt to your requirement or any changes quickly. We’re also efficient, if there is a time-consuming process, we’ll find a way to automate it, if something is loading slowly, we’ll find a way to speed it up. We don’t like waiting, so shouldn’t you.

We’ll get back to you when you have any enquiries within 24 hours, unless there is a high workload on our end.


We’re a business, and a business exist to make money. But we also want to be proud of what we are building. Programmers and coders are dime a dozen, but we want to be more than that. We want to be proud of our elegant codes and craft  creative solutions to your problems.

We love new technology and continue to be fascinated by advancement in the field of web, mobile, 3D and virtual reality development, artificial intelligence and even hardware, 3D printing.

If you have a particular project that utilise interesting new technology, we’ll be happy to talk with you!