Mobile Development

FUSE builds mobile application using Native and Hybrid frameworks, depending on your requirements and budget. We cater to both iOS and Android platform, which includes phones and tablet devices.

Native Framework

iOS applications

FUSE utilise Swift 3 to build native iOS application using the latest version of XCode. We have our own Enterprise license for quicker testing, that allows us to install the app on your own iOS devices. We are familiar with both AppStore and Enterprise deployment process for iOS applications. If required, we can set up an app installation page for you or your clients to install and test the application.

Android applications

FUSE use Java to build native Android application using Android Studio. We are  familiar with the signing process and Play Store submission for deploying the Android application.

Hybrid Framework

Unlike Native framework which requires the developer to know both languages to develop for each platform, Hybrid framework utilises a middle-ware that translates one programming language into their native equivalent. One of our favourite is Ionics Cordova.

Creating prototypes or proof of concept is faster using hybrid framework, and most features can be built using these framework within a shorter timeframe.

Application Programming Interface (API)

If your mobile application requires saving of data to a database for retrieval later, or is required to connect to a 3rd party service, an API is required to achieve this.

This is considered the back-end, or engine behind the mobile application that saves, retrieves and perform multiple function that requires an external service or data retention from the device.

FUSE also able to integrate your mobile application to popular services like Facebook, for logging in, or Google Maps, to display nearest popular lunch places using your phone’s location.

We are familiar with the following integration:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Google Maps, Places
  • SMS sending (e.g: Phone number verification)
  • Email sending (e.g: e-mail verification)
  • Yahoo Finance, Weather
  • And many others..